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Teknobiz consultants offer specialized ERP consulting services to select and choose specialized ERP systems or modules, especially when client’s requirements are very specificand point out to a specialized ERP package tailored to meet your business requirements, after performing a complete gap and fit analysis. You will be entering the world of ERP, with a full set of alternate ERP solutions, or specialized ERP systems. ERP-mixed architecture can also be designed, coupling the versatility of ERP solutions with the specific features of a specialized ERP module, but you will need highly skilled ERP consultants to run the whole ERP consulting process safely.Teknobiz consultants take care of ERP implementation process; ERP is the basement upon which any ERP-related supply chain and customer relationship management architecture must be built: we take care of ERP selection and any other ERP consulting service to meet your requirements. Particularly, we take care of:

  • 1) ERP selection
  • 2) Supply chain management
  • 3) System integration
  • 4) Data-Warehousing.

Teknobiz consultants have sometimes to deal with an ERP-related product configuration which is too complex and requires not only to identify a range of ERP solutions, but also specialized software modules. Even so, no one can renounce the versatility of ERP modules such as Contract Billing or Master Material Record. Teknobiz consultants make you reach an integrated information architecture.

Teknobiz ERP consultants will also advise and coach on many topics which are directly linked to ERP consulting activity, such as industrial layout optimization (a very important ERP-affectedtopic), organization ofproduction and logistic support system, which ERP systems will use anyway.Assessing requirements for ERP solutions to be integrated with legacy applications, developing ERP-based multidimensional data storage (MDD) cubes, completing later stages of ERP consulting process with a supply chain management, data warehousing, and ERP-linked demand planning architecture, are just a few examples of what Teknobiz consultants do across their daily routine.

If your company is interested in purchasing ERP solutions or a better software system, or is just optimizing/updating the existing ERP or in the process of selecting specialized ERP, within a proper ERP consulting process, then you need to take a closer look at what our ERP consultants have to offer. Give Teknobiz a call today.

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